10 Must-Read Tips to Nail Your Bridal Look!

When it comes to your bridal look, there is a lot of options to choose from. One search on Pinterest can be quite an overwhelming experience. To help you select the right bridal look for you, I’ve interviewed a few wedding professionals and real Brides who share their tips for brides-to-be when they’re searching for that perfect look for their wedding day. Read on to find out 10 things Brides may overlook when it comes to their bridal style.

From Priscilla Costa Bridal:

Low Back Wedding Dress Crop Top Modern Bride

Tip #1: Know which dress silhouette suits you by looking in your own closet

Are you unsure of what silhouette to go with? Start in your own closet! Which of your dresses do you feel most beautiful in? What silhouette is it? Is it form fitted, A-line, empire… that’s most likely the silhouette you will like your wedding dress to be.

Tip #2: Don’t forget the comfort when it comes to your wedding dress

It’s very common for brides to overlook the comfort aspect of their wedding dress. They forget they will be in that same dress for more than 10 hours! For example, if you want a fitted mermaid dress, make sure the material of the dress stretches a little bit, so you can achieve the fit you want and still function in the dress, like sitting and dancing. Also, very low back cuts and deep plunge necklines come with a cost. You will have limited support, and most likely you won’t be able to wear a bra. So if you are a well endowed bride, this might not be the best option for you.


From Polka Dot Events:

Polka Dot Events Philadelphia

Tip #3: It’s never too early to start talking about your bustle!

Think about how long it will take and who will be doing it – french bustles are beautiful but with all the snaps and strings can take a while, and could be very difficult for your Mom, Maid of Honor, or Planner! You don’t want to miss your cocktail hour because no one remembered how to do the bustle correctly!

Tip #4: Start that packing list for the weekend of the wedding as soon as you pick the dress!

Writing down the specific accessories and undergarments you’ll need with it will be so much easier while the dress is fresh in your mind rather than a couple weeks before when you haven’t thought about it in ages!

From Pretty On Arrival and Air Hair and Makeup:

Make Up Artist Pretty on Arrival

Pretty on Arrival


Air Hair and MakeUp Philadelphia

Air Hair and Makeup


Tip #5: Keep your makeup natural

You don’t want to not look like yourself but rather a flawless version of yourself. Also, narrow your inspo pics down to 2; too much inspo can make you second guess what look you really want. Pros know what’s best for you, so let them be your beauty guide!

Tip #6: Scheduling a hair and makeup trial is crucial in the process of preparing your look

You will never know whether the makeup or hair from Pinterest picture suits you and looks the way you imagine it until you actually wear it!

Tip #7: For inspo photos, try to find a model that has similar features to yours.

Same hair length and texture, similar skin and eye color, lip and face shape. This way the result will more likely be aligned with your expectations.

Jenna Rayesky Floral Studio

Tip #8: For a unique bridal bouquet, think outside of the box

Look outside the box of wedding magazines and wedding photos on Pinterest. Look in an architecture magazine, or an art gallery, or take a stroll through Longwood Gardens and consider elements that you are most drawn to. When a good florist designs an inspiration board for clients, (s)he would rarely use any wedding photos as the starting place on inspiration.

From real Brides who have been there done that:

Tip #9: When dress shopping, bring only those who matter (and will be helpful!)

“We all know too many chefs in the kitchen is never productive and may frustrate you. Ask those whose opinions truly matter instead of organizing a dress shopping party.”

Tip #10: When all of the dresses start to look the same, it may be a good sign you want to create a custom gown that’s unique

“This turns dress shopping into such a personal experience without the pressure of finding exactly what you want off the shelf. You end up with a one of a kind gown that’s so much more special because it comes with a story behind it. Knowing what I know now, I would jump at the chance to go to an event like Aisle Style (find out more here), where you get to spend a fun day with your friends and family trying on gowns and different looks to get a sense of what you want, knowing everything can be customized to create that perfect look for you.”

And one bonus tip from du soleil photographie: Your makeup always looks lighter in pictures, so ask your Hair and Makeup Artist to kick it up a notch from what you’d normally like and it will look perfect in the photos!


du soleil photographie Philadelphia

For many more tips and on-site dress and makeup trials, check out this upcoming event Aisle Style. Attending this event may just be the best decision you make when deciding on your bridal look!