New Years

A New Year is upon us! As we reflect back through 2013, we begin to think how we can make 2014 better.  While we here at Priscilla Costa Bridal can’t even begin to express our appreciation to our beautiful customers, we definitely want to say we have loved working with each and every one of you. We look forward to what 2014 brings for us.


Along with the New Year usually come resolutions. Instead of the usual, lose weight or quit a bad habit. Our resolution is to simply live happier, healthier and simpler lives. We can tend to get caught up in the hustle bustle of everyday life that we can forget the beauty of family, a nice walk down the street or even a really nice cup of tea with a book.


We vow to take a step back from time to time and simply appreciate all the good things we have been blessed with and we will cease any negative thinking that will impact our positive vibes.  So how do we instantly be happier? It is actually quite easy. Whatever you do, that isn’t helping you live a better and plentiful life with a smile on your face, and that includes jobs and relationships…stop doing them.


Remember it’s not worth it. You have one life; make it a happy, healthy and LIVELY one. Smile more often…and make 2014 the best is can be.






Priscilla Costa Bridal