#Behindourseams: Priscilla Costa Bridal 2016 Collection

We have officially completed a photo shoot of our first brand new “full” collection, and with the help of an incredible team composed of design assistants, seamstresses, interns, make-up artists, models, photographers, florist and of course Priscilla Costa herself, the day was an success!

Photo Credit: Ana Correa

Photo Credit: Ana Correa

Preparation for this new collection began months ago when Priscilla began to put her pen to paper (or truthfully finger to iPad) and dream up the dresses that would compromise what is her strongest and wide-ranging collection yet.



All the interesting and creative clients we had the pleasure to work with inspired the bride she had in mind for our new collection. This bride was much bolder and more modern, she is a girl who does not shy away from a pop of color or daring cut outs of lace on her big day, she is not afraid to be herself. She also embraces comfort and practicality combined together with classic bridal elegance. Out of our many designs the top 10 were chosen for the collection and their construction began.


Photo Credit: Ana Correa

This is a long and painstaking process in which our team handcrafted from concept to finish, whether it be dip dying silk or hand stitching lace embellishments everything done by our team is unique, exclusive and a work of art.


Photo Credit: Ana Correa


Once the collection was completed it was time to search for the models that would be wearing them in the much anticipated photo shoot. Priscilla’s first choice was Jonne Kuijpers, a model from IMM (International Model Management) in Belgium, who is also a dear friend and lives in The Netherlands. They met by chance when they were both on vacation in the Gulf of Mexico. Before they parted ways in Florida to go back to their respective homes Priscilla told Jonne, “One day you will wear one of my dresses,” fast forward less then a year later, and here we are.

Photo Credit: Ana Correa

Photo Credit: Ana Correa

Once Jonne agreed to fly in for the photo shoot Priscilla secured Stephanie Nolt and Ana Correa. Both women are not only renowned and talented photographers, but also close friends and colleagues of Priscilla. Time was ticking away and we still needed a second model, and with the help of Stephanie Nolt we came into contact with Delanie Dischert from the very anticipated Season 22 of Americas Next Top Model. Her fierce look was the perfect contrast to Jonne’s light and sweet appearance. The models were not only professional and talented but kind and hard working and brought a great energy to the set.

Photo Credit: Ana Correa

Photo Credit: Ana Correa

Last but not least we booked the venue. We put careful thought into choosing a place that would not only represent her brand but also had meaning to her as a person. The place that first popped into our mind was the Cairnwood Mansion located in the Bryn Athyn Historic District. She drove by this mansion everyday on her way to work when our shop was located in Huntingdon Valley, and every time she passed the mansion she remembers thinking to herself what a wonderful venue it would be when we complete a full collection. Now with her collection complete she could finally watch her dream come true within its ornate antique walls.


Photo Credit: Ana Correa

Finally all of the planning was complete and it was time to come together as a team and create something special. The day of the photo shoot was exciting and fast- paced. After a few last minute fittings and a few hours of hair and makeup everything was ready to begin. The clicks of the camera lens echoed through the old halls along with the melody of romantic music. Eventually this much anticipated day came to a close, but of course not before a loving group photo with all the incredible people who helped make it happen. This incredible photo shoot would not have been possible without the hard work and contribution of all of these people who came together from around the world and we want to thank all of you for your passion and creativity!

Photo Credit: Ana Correa

Photo Credit: Ana Correa

Now comes the fun part! Revealing our brand new collection to YOU, our lovely clients! Trunk shows dates will be revealed soon and will be re- launching our website with our full collection by the begin of the Fall . We can’t wait to hear what you think about Priscilla Costa Bridal’s newest designs.


Photo Credit: Ana Correa



Stephanie Nolt

Ana Correa


Models :

Jonne Kuijpers

Delanie Dischert


Venue :

Cairnwood Mansion



Sergio Fallone


Make up artist :

Mackenzie from Mack Stylist



Amanda, Susie, Molly, and Meredith, Marielle



Elizabeth, Quiona, Yeda


And last but not least Me!