Blessed Twice! Oh My!

Our Thanksgiving this year is very special to us. We have recently been blessed twice!

As we announced over the last several weeks, we are in the process of moving, and our new “home” is something we have desired for a very long time. We will have more space to design more dresses, which will hopefuly create more jobs, inspire more people and marry more brides! Of course, the space is just the first step, but it’s surely a base that will enable us to continue pursuing our dreams of growing our business of “homegrown wedding dresses.”

The second amazing blessing is the immigration relief that President Barack Obama announced on November 20th. Priscilla and her family finally won’t be on a limbo, having to battle with the immigration system and the right to be here. As many of our clients know, Priscilla’s family has struggled with their immigration status for more then a decade, but this Thanksgiving things will change. They will be able to celebrate together in peace, knowing that they are safe from being deported back to Brazil. 

These two special blessings wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for our everyday blessings of our health, the support of our family, our amazing collaborators and our lovely clients that welcome us into their lives and their most special moments. This is what enabled us to grow our business, fulfill our dreams and provide for our families. You are all very special to us, and we would like to thank you for being a part of our journey!Thanksgiving