Bridal Fitting Etiquette: Friends and Family

It is a common misconception, Priscilla says, that brides can be difficult to work with, demanding and perpetually unsatisfied. Yet in our experience at Priscilla Costa Bridal, the brides are the most easy-going of the bunch.

It is not the bride who creates the issues during the making of a dress, but often those she brings along for the ride.

Articles about wedding gown shopping etiquette typically suggest the bride bring her closest friends and family to a fitting so as to have the maximum amount of feedback. This way, not one detail is left out and everyone can go to the wedding satisfied with how their gorgeous bride looks and feels.


We’ve found, however, an air of discomfort can hang over a group when the bride is not made to feel her most beautiful, rather her imperfections can tend to be pointed out by her friends and family members.

Brides usually come to us knowing what it is they want, and they work with Priscilla to make it happen and walk down the aisle with a smile on their faces.

While we encourage women to bring friends and family with them to help them through the process of making or fitting their dresses, we are hoping to encourage kind words and supportive feedback rather than the harsh criticism that has found its way into our atelier during gown fittings.

Priscilla notes that the majority of the time an issue arises, it comes from a man or woman who is not the one who will be wearing the dress. Though these little digs into their loved one’s self esteem are well meaning and unintentional, they are inappropriate and hurtful to our clients.


One particular example Priscilla recalls was with a very sweet and polite bride. She came into our atelier knowing exactly how she wanted her dress to be altered.

This bride came to her first fitting alone and everything went smoothly. For her second fitting, at which time we planned to hem her dress, she brought her sister.

“How about that back fat?” Her sister asked.

The bride’s dress was strapless, and every woman has a bit this issue since the dress must be tight enough to stay up.

Suddenly, our beautiful bride was self-conscious, saying how awful she looked. She wanted to add sleeves to her gown immediately, completely changing her dream wedding gown.

Her sister then told her not to add sleeves, that she looked fine. This completely confused our lovely bride. She did not know what to do any more.

Priscilla told her to take some time to figure out exactly what she wanted rather than jump from idea to idea based on what her family had to say.

We love to have the input of family members, they can make us realize bits and pieces here and there that can really help the look of the wedding. However, this is not their day. We want to cater to the bride and she deserves to make her own decisions.

We would like to ask each person who comes to our atelier to be supportive and to understand that each woman has a different body type and different insecurities.


Weddings are some of the most important events in peoples’ lives, but it is the brides we want to please – though the brides tend to want to please everyone else.

So we thank those people who come to support their loved ones, we truly enjoy having friends and family come together in our atelier to prepare for such a special day. We simply hope that each and every person who accompanies a bride-to-be is kind, supportive and understanding of this momentous occasion and its importance to our amazing clients.