Custom Gown

Custom Made Wedding Dress

Priscilla Costa bridal is a full service atelier. In addition to our made to order collection, we offer our bespoke wedding dress process, where the dress is made exclusively for you. We guide you through the design and construction of the gown. With our expertise in style, shape and shades we guarantee to achieve the look you desire.

Priscilla loves to see the images and ideas that envision for your bridal gown. Some brides have scrapbooks of idea, images, magazine tears and online sources of the ultimate wedding fantasy. These can be sent to Priscilla in advance of your consultation so that she too can conduct research that ensure an accurate translation of your vision. We usually set up a shared, secret Pinterest board, so we can start visually communicating.

Keep in mind we also offer design services for bridesmaids, mother of the bride/groom and flower girls. You can get all of the important ladies in your life taken care of in one spot!

Custom Made Wedding dresses start at $2000.


The Bespoke Process:


  1. Design Consultation / Interview

The first step is to schedule your complimentary consultation.Through her intuitive approach to design, Priscilla starts with an informal and relaxed conversation, so she can get to know you inside-out and create a gown that matches your personality and your personal world. There is no pre-determined list of questions. it’s Priscilla’s job to find interesting facts about you and get a feeling of who you are, so she can later translate it into a design that fits your body, personality, and most important a dress that has meaning and comes from the heart. This is where we discuss things such as design, budget, and timeline.  It’s best to bring pictures of dresses and things you like so that we can get an idea about your aesthetics.  We will show you some fabric, and embellishments swatches to give you an idea of price and quality of the different types of material available.


  1. Sketching/Design Consultation

Now is the fun part…we will sketch and present you with a few options (You get to keep a copy of the final sketch, which would be fun to include in your wedding album). During the sketch/design consultation, we will discuss the options presented, further discuss fabric, finalize the design, take measurements and set the final cost on your investment, and schedule all your fittings up front, so you will know exactly when your dress will be ready. A stress free process is the only process.


  1. Muslin

After the design is agreed upon, we will make patterns and cut and sew a mock-up of the dress in a simple fabric called muslin. We then adjust, cut, pin and draw all over the mock up to fine tune the design of the dress and how it relates to your unique figure. Expect to have two fittings at this stage.


  1. Dress Fitting

This is like a dress rehearsal for you gown.  The dress is almost completed, and it needs to be fitted couple more times to ensure that the fit and look are perfect. Expect 2 or 3 fittings at this stage, then voila! You have you very own unique dress that fits like a glove!