Fashion Design Intern: Sarah Costa

Sarah Costa is a junior studying Fashion Design at Drexel University. She is currently working on her co-op here at Priscilla Costa.

Sarah was drawn to couture design because she loves the idea of working with a garment from start to finish. Rather than working on one aspect of design, she embraces the opportunity to create something from nothing and to bring it full-circle.

This Lacey Township, NJ native learned to sew at a young age and was originally interested in costume design. She is working on a minor degree in English at Drexel, which was inspired by her love of literature and stories. She says that telling someone’s story through costume and design has always been one of her passions.

As she explores the design world, Sarah has decided to focus on bridal design, as it is the most prevalent in the couture industry. In her work at Priscilla Costa, she has the chance to work closely with Priscilla; helping with alterations, embellishments, fittings and sketching.

Sarah loves how hands-on her work here is. She gets the chance to help design some of the dresses, offering her input and providing her construction skills.

Sarah appreciates the chance she gets to work on an individual basis with clients, connecting with them and understanding what it is they want rather than working in the mass production of clothing.

Since the beginning of her co-op in late March, Sarah has been able to experience the day-to-day work that goes into couture bridal design. She feels lucky to see the inner workings of the business and the behind the scenes work that Priscilla does.

“Priscilla does what I want to do,” Sarah says. She looks up to Priscilla as a model of what she would love to do one day for her own clients – provide customized, couture wedding gowns.

Sara is excited to spend the rest of the summer working here and learning all she can about couture bridal design and the business behind it so that one day she can be a part of the industry as well.

sarah costa fashion intern