Hadar’s Far Away Fairytale Wedding

Priscilla Costa Bridal had the fortune of working with an incredibly talented and very adventurous bride; Hadar McNeill is an established singer who takes her inspiration from Stevie Wonder, Etta James, and Alicia Keys.  Hadar married local Philadelphian, KJ McNeill, in Israel where she was born and raised.  The destination wedding was a timeless setting for Hadar’s classic dress.

Hadar contacted Priscilla through our Facebook page because she couldn’t find what she was looking for elsewhere.  “I have envisioned my wedding dress way before I found a venue, so I knew exactly what I wanted all along.”

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Priscilla worked closely with Hadar in order to create exactly what she envisioned.  The two collaborated over Pinterest to define who Hadar is as an individual and what her wedding would look like.  “My favorite part while working with Priscilla was sending my inspiration photos over to her, it was wonderful to be able to share and explain exactly what I had in mind.  Also, receiving the two sketches to choose from was a very exciting, fun experience.”

Hadar was looking for something that fit her and accentuated her figure without too much exposure so she opted for an A-line silhouette without a lot of boning or construction.  Between the two sketches, Hadar chose the lace that felt more organic on the top and seamlessly faded into the tulle skirt.  The English tulle used on the bottom was ivory with a dusty rose colored lining to create a romantic and feminine feel.

img_1722    img_1730


With a destination wedding in mind, Hadar made a good choice in choosing her lace and fabric.  Delicately packed to protect the lace and tulle, the dress made it to Israel ready to be steamed and hung for only an hour or two before looking picture perfect.

After seeing her dress, Hadar developed a hairpiece from the lace of her dress to adorn her Hollywood hair.  She also developed a simple two-layer, elbow length veil.

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Thank you, Hadar, for bringing so much creativity and inspiration to Priscilla Costa Bridal!  We enjoyed working with you and loved your inspirations so much that we will be adding your dress to our permanent collection and naming it after you!  Your sexy, yet soft and romantic, dress will be a part of the Priscilla Costa Bridal collection.  So, congratulations and best of luck!  We can’t wait to see where your talent will take you and your husband!

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If you want to try on Hadar’s beautiful dress make an appointment or contact us on Facebook!


Linda Albaneze

Social Media Intern