Intern Style – “Vintage Romance”

This week’s intern feature comes with a little bit of a twist as Megan Kokoszka creates the epitome image of “vintage romance”. Megan Kokoszka is heading into her fourth year at University of Delaware. Starting college as a Neuroscience major you would have never known she was so talented in design, Megan quickly came to terms that Neuroscience wasn’t her main goal in life. That was then she switched to Apparel Design with minors in Fashion History &Culture and Organizational & Community Leadership. She will graduate in 2018.

Megan Kokoszka is both beautiful and talented, and her ideas for this photoshoot did not fall far from her reality. Megan’s vision was one of “vintage romance”. She used the word, “unique”, to describe her own personal style. “I like bright colors and patterns as much as I like all black. I also love glamorous as much as bohemian. A touch of sparkle is always a staple in my accessories. In order to create my own personal style, I prefer unique finds over designer brands. I love styling because it’s an art to bring an aesthetic to life.”

Adding to what already was a vision, Megan created accessories that added to the magic of the look.

Megan wore one of Priscilla’s lovely “Voguish” dress with a show-stopper satin and lace mermaid silhouette. The back was open with beautiful lace trim creating a story that wraps the dress all together.

Megan Kokoszka

Priscilla’s “Voguish” Dress

“I made a lace cuff that has pearls connecting to a ring. This complements the optional birdcage veil for a classy feel that also allows the sheer and lace-framed back to be displayed. I wanted to show some color scheme combinations through the bouquet I put together. The colors include taupe, amethyst, berry, and white mixed with pearls and glitter. It’s all held together with a fun twist: ribbon stripes!”

Megan Kokoszka

Lace Cuff

Megan Kokoszka

Handmade Bouquet

Megan also included a intricate umbrella that she had found and really tied into the whole scheme of the photoshoot.

Megan Kokoszka

Intricate Umbrella

The special part of what Megan was wearing, was an old ring that has been passed down from her grandmother. “The ring was my maternal grandmother’s 50th anniversary ring. She always encouraged my artistic side. I wanted to add a personal touch to the shoot. My grandmother’s mother is the only other person in my family I know of who got involved with sewing garments… And here I am today studying apparel design.”

Megan Kokoszka, design intern.

Grandmother’s Ring

Being a design intern Megan gets to work hands on with many of Priscilla’s dresses. “What I love most about the internship is seeing all the things I haven’t gotten to just yet as a design student. There are so many tricks and techniques that you can only learn from professionals who have been in the business for a long time.”

Megan Kokoszka, "Voguish" Dress

Back of “Voguish” Dress

She also included about how lucky she is to be apart of something so great, “I have gratefully learned incredible knowledge from Priscilla and the other workers in the studio! I was taught about the aspects of running a small business, realizing all the costing involved, marketing discussions, handling gowns while steaming, and lots of hand sewing procedures. Everyone at PCB is amazing so I am very blessed to have been given this internship opportunity!”

Bridal is a very unique and different out look on life, as you have to have the right eye for the current trends, and what the next bride will like; Megan has just that. When asked what she loves most about the bridal industry her eyes lit up. “There is not one thing I don’t love about the bridal industry. For the past two years, I have gained experience selling and styling bridal gowns, coordinating at a wedding venue, reviewing details of wedding planning, social media marketing, and seeing how each vendor plays part in the big wedding celebration. It’s all a giant challenge for creative and talented businesses coming together for an event filled of love and family. However, the dresses have become my favorite part, of course!”

Megan Kokoszka, "Voguish" Dress

“Vintage Romance”

In Megan’s future she sees herself continuing to style and work in the bridal industry, evening wear for women and men, or costume design. But, looking long-term, she wanted to have her own business “with all the wedding knowledge in the world”.


Thank you Megan, for creating a vision that is so irreplaceable.


-Taylor Mysza

Summer Social Media Intern 2016