Liz Sullivan

“Dear Priscilla and Sarah,

First of all, this thank you is so long overdue! You absolutely truly made my wedding day wonderful, and made me feel like the prettiest girl-in-the-world J Thanks to you, the dress fit like a glove and I didn’t have to fuss with it or pull it up AT ALL the entire night. You truly went above and beyond to make sure that I looked beautiful on my wedding day; on top of that you made me smile and laugh when I truly thought when I though all was lost! (I mean, when the dress is too big 3 days before the wedding…I think most brides would lose it too!)
Everyone absolutely loved the gown- so many compliments on the fit and the lace. One friend is actually considering wearing it for her wedding next summer! Once that wedding is over I’d love to come back and schedule a time have the dress shortened so it can be my fun party frock J I decided to not wear the belt for the ceremony and photo-shoot, then put it on for the reception once I took off the veil. I think it worked really nicely!
I finally got the pictures back from family and the photographer, I attached a few in the e-mail so you can see your amazing work in action the day of my wedding. Thank you again so much from the bottom of my heart! You ladies are so wonderful, and talented, and a real joy to be around! Miss you gals, hope everything is going great!

Liz Sullivan”