Modern Meets Romania at this Burgundy Wedding

Roxana Pelin is not your traditional bride. She is very modern and never actually dreamed about her wedding until it became real. Upon trying on her very first dress, she realized how special this moment was, became overwhelmed by happiness, and couldn’t stop crying. Roxana wanted her dress to be as beautiful and unique as she is, but couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for at regular bridal shops. She began researching to find someone that could help bring her vision to life, this led her to Priscilla. While on the, she found Priscilla’s page and read the reviews of how well Priscilla works with each client. After this, Roxana knew she had to make an appointment immediately.


Roxana on her wedding day

During the first session, Roxana tried on many pieces from the Priscilla Costa Signature Bridal Collection. However, the Coolness skirt and Wicked crop top sparked her interest. She wanted them to be customized and loved the idea of an open back. So in order to achieve her vision, Priscilla mixed the front of the Wicked crop top with the back of our Michelle crop top to create a customized look specially made for Roxana.

Roxana decided on a burgundy Guipure 3D lace crop-top and a blush pleated silk taffeta skirt. To add a unique twist, the handmade Guipure lace was hand dyed in burgundy and was embellished to create a three dimensional effect. The back of the crop-top is sheer and decorated with buttons down the middle, creating the illusion of an open back. The choice of burgundy was inspired by the fall season.

Burgandy guipure lace crop top and pleated blush silk taffeta skirt

Dancing at Roxana's Reception

Her big day was celebrated in her hometown, the city of Iasi in Romania. Her venue was absolutely breathtaking with a superb view of Palas, the jewel palace of the city. The theme was “travel around the world,” which was inspired by the different backgrounds that Roxana and her husband came from. Her gorgeous photos were taken by the talented Razvan Tescu. Along with these photos, they also had a photo booth that printed pictures on the spot with their names and date at the bottom, which provided an awesome souvenir for their guests!

Roxana and her husband

Roxana's Photo Booth pictures

Throughout her wonderful wedding day, she shared many amazing moments with her friends and family. However, one of her most exciting moments was the opening dance. Roxana and her husband performed a dance made of 5 songs from different genres, cultures, and types of dance without making too many mistakes! Even though this was one of her many favorite memories, Roxana’s wedding day was full of love and it was one her and her husband will always cherish.

Roxana and her husband

Getting to work with a bride, like Roxana, that thinks outside of the box and is creative is exactly what we enjoy doing. Priscilla Costa Bridal is a shop that was made for women that don’t fit into the mold of a typical bride. They are unique, fun, innovative, and want to work with us to create their dream gown. Roxana was specifically inspiring due to her destination wedding and international venue.

We recommend seeing us at least 6 months prior to your big day, however we are flexible. Roxana came to us about 2 months before her wedding and we were still able to make it all work. This shows that with a little creativity and hard work, at Priscilla Costa Bridal we are able to make the impossible, possible.

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