Our Talented, Creative and Gorgeous Bride: Stef Emery

Stef Emery is one of the most unique and talented brides we have had the pleasure to work with. After altering her sister Kristy’s wedding gown, Stef was enamored with the process of creating her own wedding gown and making it into everything she’s always dreamed of.

After some shopping around, Stef couldn’t find anything she liked in the stores, so she knew she had to come talk to Priscilla.

A music teacher, fashion designer and rock star – Stef does it all. She is so creative, which was the driving force behind the amazing creation of her gown.


Stef and Kristy have their own line of eco-friendly clothing called Orgotton. Stef took her fashion background and love for boho-chic, sustainable style and brought it into our atelier to create her one-of-a-kind dress.

“I wanted to be involved in her wedding,” Priscilla said after meeting our artistic bride. She knew she could work with Stef to design a truly gorgeous dress.

Stef knew that she wanted a soft, natural silhouette rather than something with a lot of construction underneath. We scheduled an appointment to sit down together to figure out what she was looking for from there – looking through pictures, discussing a budget and becoming friends.


“She understood right away what I was looking for,” Stef says about Priscilla. “We met about three times before the actual construction. We talked, she asked personal questions to get to know me and we looked at fabric swatches.”

Stef says her favorite part of the process was watching the dress develop from an idea in her head to reality. She watched the entire design go from a conversation to a sketch, then from a muslin pattern to a hand-made gown.

They started with Priscilla sketching and they would both make tweaks until they found the perfect design. From there, the dress was made.


“Every time I went, it looked more and more like a real dress,” she says excitedly.

The moment it truly hit her that she was going to be married in the gown of her dreams was a particular fitting when Priscilla was pinning the lace applique onto the nude illusion at the shoulders and neckline. The lace looked as if it was just floating on her skin.

That was the second time Stef had seen her dress in person and the first time her sister, Kristy, saw it. The two gushed over the gorgeous lace and chatted with Priscilla and her interns about the wedding’s color scheme and the bridesmaids’ dresses, which Priscilla also made.


“We were always laughing and having fun,” Stef says about her time working with Priscilla.

“If you look at Stef, she looks so sweet, quiet, organic… but she’s really a rock star!” Priscilla says, which is apparent when you listen to Stef’s band, La Capitana.

“She is so inspirational,” Priscilla says. She wanted to create a design that mirrored Stef’s personality, bohemian with an edge. She went for something mysterious, simple in the front with some serious personality in the back.



“Beautiful messiness,” Priscilla calls it, “Versatile.”

As you can see, Priscilla really was able to translate Stef and her style into the perfect wedding gown.

After her breathtaking wedding, Stef says she was so pleased with how everything turned out; she wouldn’t have changed a single detail.


She says that having a custom-made gown by Priscilla is the perfect option for women with unique style who just cannot find what they want in a bridal shop. She loved her personal experience and the opportunity to be such a big part of the creative process of making her wedding gown come to life.

We were honestly so excited to see how lovely Stef’s wedding turned out, she looked gorgeous and we are truly so honored to have been able to work on such a special and unique project.

We can’t wait to see the many other unique and wonderful brides-to-be who come into our atelier to create something truly personal and one-of-a-kind.


Photos courtesy of Lauren Fair, Stef and our social media interns.