Sneak Peek into the 2017 Bridal Collection

We’ve been busy here at Priscilla Costa Bridal gearing up for the new journey! Just last week we put together a photoshoot for our LookBook of our 2017 Bridal Collection with the help of some great and creative people. Take a look at what happened behind the seams!

Getting to the studio at around 8:30 on a Monday morning set us up to have a long and exciting day by having a photo shoot right here in our studio! We had been looking forward to the day and to meeting the rest of our team. We had our photographer: Nayara Carvalho, our three models: Madison Neumann, Lily Welch, and Megan Freeman, and our Makeup/Hair Stylist: Brianna Amantia show up to help us make this day a sure success.

From sheer tops and crop tops to full-length skirts and high-low skirts to the wedding dresses, we had the models constantly rotating out and putting on a new look. Every look was stunning and flawless and the girls absolutely killed it! With the help of Priscilla and Nayara, they were able to be creative with the dresses to truly show them off.

There were so many pieces to pick from and photograph that the session went until about 3 in the afternoon! We finally finished up and had ourselves a wonderful lunch together before our models and photographer had to head home. It had been a fun and productive day! Then it was on to the choosing and editing process for the photos!

We will be unveiling the 2017 Bridal Collection soon, but in the mean time take a sneak peek at our photo-shoot day below!


Hair and Makeup Priscilla Costa Bridal 2017 Photoshoot

Getting ready to shoot can be just as fun as wearing the amazing wedding dresses. Who doesn’t love having their makeup and hair done? Our makeup artist Brianna Amantia works her magic on one of our models, Madison Neumann


Flower Girl Dress Priscilla Costa Bridal 2017 Photoshoot

How precious! We simply can’t forget our flower girl when she looks this cute!


Helen Wedding Dress Prsiclla Costa Bridal 2017 Collection

Here is Madison rocking our Helen wedding dress. Here we see our designer in action to make sure that the dress looks absolutely perfect in the shot. That blush color looks stunning and the dress cascades so nicely.


Hair and Makeup Make-It-Darling Wedding Dress Priscilla Costa Bridal 2017 Collection

Our second model, Megan Freeman, is getting some final touch-ups on her hair before she steps in front of the camera. She has Brianna do it so that it looks just right.


   Taylor Wedding Dress Grey Color Open Back Priscilla Costa Bridal 2017 Collection  Taylor Wedding Dress Grey Color Priscilla Costa Bridal 2017 Collection

We have both Priscilla and Brianna doing some final touch-ups on the Taylor Wedding Dress and Megan’s hair.


Michelle Top and Skirt Separates Wedding Dress Priscilla Costa Bridal 2017 Collection

Here is our third model Lily Welch with Priscilla in one of our favorites: the Michelle Skirt and Top Separates.


Fantasy Tulle Skirt Priscilla Costa Bridal 2017 Collection

It’s been a long day for the models and so Madison takes a rest.


Make-It-Darling Mermaid Wedding Dress Priscilla Costa Bridal 2017 Collection

This is what Megan looks like in front of the camera with Nayara Carvalho behind. Absolutely amazing! That Make-It-Darling Mermaid dress fits her perfectly in all the right places and it’s ready to be customized.


After looking at all of these behind-the-scenes photos, we can’t wait to see what the photographer’s photos look like! Stay tuned for when Priscilla releases this collection!


We would like to thank everyone who came to the studio to make this day an absolute success! We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.

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Samantha Hipe

Social Media Team