Something Old: Kristin’s 70 Year Old Wedding Dress

Our hearts were filled with love when we heard Kristin’s story. Little did she know that the passing of her Grandfather would bring her the amazing gift of her Grandmother’s wedding dress. “When my Dad was cleaning out my Grandpop’s house after he passed away, he stumbled across his mother’s wedding gown in the hope chest at the end of their bed. He brought it home, I tried it on, and I knew that I would wear that dress on my wedding day.” Sometimes you just know!

bride, wedding dress, vintage, custom, unique, redesign    bride, custom, wedding dress, vintage

Of course, the dress needed some restructuring and tweaking. Kristin wanted to stay true to the original dress while updating it to her personal style. After a friend recommended Priscilla Costa Bridal, Kristin made her first appointment. “I knew I was in good hands with Priscilla, as she showed that she was very connected to my story and making the dress of my dreams come to life.”

Priscilla and Kristin sat down and talked about her story, her active lifestyle as a yoga instructor, and her wedding dreams. ​”The original dress was my inspiration. I wanted the dress to be as similar to the original as possible, but with some minor tweaks.” The original dress had an sheer neckline, off the shoulder sleeves, and fabric gathered around her entire hip. The dress was also yellowed from time. With Kristin’s permission, Priscilla removed the sleeve and the neckline to help further visualize Kristin’s new dress.

bride, wedding dress, vintage, unique, custom,     bride, wedding dress, vintage, unique, custom

bride, bridal, wedding dress, sketch, custom, vintage, redesign, unique    bride, wedding dress, vintage, unique, custom, strapless

After finalizing the sketch, Priscilla took the fabric gathered at the hip and moved it towards the center front and center back of the dress to create an A-line figure. “My favorite part of the process was my second fitting when the dress was still in it’s initial phases, but the concept of what the final product would look like was there. My dad was at that fitting. His face just lit up the entire room when he saw me in the dress.”

bride, father of the bride, wedding, wedding dress, unique, custom, vintage, redesign

With the idea coming together, Priscilla added a constructed top and custom corset for the back of the dress. To solve the problem of the original fabric being yellowed, Priscilla used an off-white silk chiffon fabric and layered it over the original.  This created the beautiful soft ivory color of Kristin’s dress.

bride, wedding, vintage, custom, sketch

Along with her Grandmother’s dress, Kristin also had her Grandmother’s crown that she wore with her silk tulle veil. Kristin’s custom hairpiece was handmade with parts of her Grandmother’s crown. The veil was hand-cleaned and reshaped to remove the parts of it that were damaged.  Kristin was able to remove her veil from the hairpiece whenever she needed to. And as you can see, it looked perfect with or without!

bride, bridal, wedding, hairpiece, veil, custom, vintage, unique, handmade    bride, bridal, wedding, veil, vintage, hairpiece, unique, custom

Along with Kristin, her mother also had a challenge finding her perfect dress for the wedding. She also came to Priscilla with her dilemma and together they designed her dress. They chose a burgandy washed silk crepe fabric that would drape beautifully. The dress had a V-neck and cap sleeves. The back was a cowl back drape with lace on a sheer illusion back. It was the perfect combination of elegance and modesty!

bride, bridal, wedding dress, mother of the bride, custom, vintage, unique

Kristin’s colors for the wedding were just as unique and quirky as she is! The groomsmen wore navy suits and the bridesmaids wore charcoal grey dresses with a pop of yellow from the sunflower bouquets and boutonnieres!

bride, wedding, wedding dress, unique, custom, vintage, groom, groomsmen, best man

Kristin married her husband, Matt, this past October at the Saint William Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The couple held their reception at The Philadelphia Ballroom. Kristin shared one of her favorite memories from her beautiful day with us and said, “Matt and I went into our venue during the cocktail hour before the guests entered and just took everything in and danced for a few minutes. It was amazing to enjoy a quiet few minutes with him.​”

bride, wedding, wedding dress, vintage, custom, redesign

Kristin has recently opened up her very own yoga studio here in Philadelphia! You can find her at Unalome Fitness where she continues to spread overall well-being and happiness! Thank you, Kristin, for letting us be a part of your journey and sharing your story with us! We wish you and your new husband the best of luck!

Kristin was able to work with some amazing professionals during her wedding! She shared with us her Photographer: Michael’s Photography; Florist: London Creative​; and Jeweler: BarKay Jewelers. Take a peek at what they can do!

Whether you have your very own heirloom treasure or have the desire to create your own custom dress, you can schedule an appointment with Priscilla Costa Bridal here.


Linda Albaneze

Social Media Team