Tara Kelly and Her Vintage Look!

For their wedding, most brides opt for a more traditional longer dress for both the ceremony and reception, yet there are some daring brides who cut their hems a little shorter for the big day! Tara Kelly was one of those brides!


Tara had always liked the look and the style of a tea-length dress for her reception but never liked anything she found in the stores. Nothing ever really clicked with her, but after she found out that Priscilla could make custom dresses she decided to make her dream a reality. She had never thought of getting a custom dress when starting her search for dresses but her mother and sister convinced her. So began the journey of Tara’s reception dress!

Priscilla helped Tara throughout the entire process, providing visions that were so in-tune with Tara’s vision that was inspired by a 1950s style dress she found on Pinterest, though when it came down to the final decisions, those were solely up to Tara. This made her feel like the dress was going to be the way that she had envisioned for herself. Instead of her fitting into a dress, the dress would fit her.

Then the big day came and Tara was so excited! She held her wedding ceremony at St. Bede the Venerable in Holland, PA where she wore a full-length dress for the ceremony and Father Trailes married her to her groom, Dave. Afterwards, the couple traveled to The Boathouse at Mercer Lake in West Windsor, NJ for their reception. She changed into her custom-made tea length dress right before walking in!

Of course with her short reception dress, she could show off her shoes and was happy to do so. She chose the cutest pale blue heels to be her “Something Blue” for the day!

” I felt SO pretty and SO happy.  I also felt free.  I could sit, stand, move and dance comfortably.  I didn’t have to worry about dragging my train or tripping. The dress you created for me made my wedding day better.  It gave me confidence and brought me a ton of happiness”

Her day was definitely a happy one, from her ceremony to her reception, but the best part of the day for her? Marry Dave. The day flew by so quickly for everyone, but in the end, she is finally married to the man she loves! 🙂


Check out their Photographer! Sarah Ginder Photography




Samantha Hipe

Priscilla Costa Social Media Team