When to Say “I Do” to A Sample Sale Dress

As a wedding dress atelier, here at Priscilla Costa we know how difficult it is to find the perfect wedding gown on the right budget. We have had the greatest opportunity to work with so many wonderful brides, and Lynn was no exception. Like many brides these days, Lynn found her dream dress at Yes to the Dress for a really good deal, but it happened to be three sizes too large. Since many of the brides we have worked have had a similar situation, we wanted to provide an essential piece of advice for purchasing a larger dress!

The most important part before buying a dress is making sure the princess seam will fall into the right place after being tailored. If you are unsure of what the princess seam is, take a look at our labeled photograph below! Since the princess seam cannot be changed, it is vital to check in advance that it will fall into the correct place once the dress is resized. In order to do this, you just need to pull back the fabric of the dress until it fits, like Priscilla has done in the images below. If the princess seam lines perfectly down the center of the bust, that means you will be able to tailor the dress down to your size!

Princess Seam 1


Princess Seam 3


Princess Seam 2

 For Lynn, the seam fortunately fell into the right place, and we are so happy we got to give her a seamless fit! We hope that with our little advice future brides will be able to make the best judgement when shopping for a wedding gown on their own. If you are ever unsure about whether a dress could be resized or not, please do not hesitate to send us a picture through email, FacebookTwitter or Instagram! We are always here to help our local brides.

Princess Seam 4

Princess Seam