“Why are bridal alterations so expensive?”

The search is over! You found the dress of your dreams, but the challenge now is to make it fit you perfectly… it needs an alteration. You search high and low, but you soon discover how pricey alterations can be at a reputable bridal atelier.
So why are alterations so expensive?
At Priscilla Costa Bridal, we first need an initial consultation, preferably 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding, to verify what needs to be done to the wedding dress. We ask the bride to try on her dress so we can give an accurate assessment of alterations and pricing. After the consultation, there are second and third fittings, usually every two weeks lasting around an hour. But that’s just the beginning. These appointments add up to 3 hours of work and add another hour and a half to press the gown, all before sewing and needlework.
Seamstresses are not machines, they understand dress structure. Wedding dresses are intricate, which is part of the beauty. Many dresses have boning and 3 or 4 layers of materials, each layer must be taken in individually to keep the integrity of the dress during alterations. All lace, beading, bustle work and hemlines must be removed, cut or sewn by hand. Everything must look exactly as it did before the alteration.
We understand that most of our brides have never worn a wedding dress and this is a new process. Our goal is to make the dress fit seamlessly so the bride isn’t distracted during her wedding day with constant adjustments. The last thing the bride should worry about is having a malfunctioning dress on her wedding dress. An unaltered dress is like wearing a bad shoe at a party; you’ll remember the shoe, not the party.
At Priscilla Costa Bridal, we believe that guidance and advice on the outcome of the dress is what’s most important. For us it’s not just about taking apart a seam, it’s giving the bride information on what is best and possible for her dress.
Consider the longevity of this purchase. You will wear this dress on one the most important days of your life. You could pass this dress down to your daughter, or even your granddaughter. Alteration is an investment, and as the famous saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”
As bridal season is approaching, we recommend that you book your first appointment as early as possible. You can call us at 215.938.1009 or email us at contact@priscillacosta.com. We are located at 225 Geiger Rd. Philadelphia, PA. Our alteration prices can be checked here: http://priscillacosta.com/services/