Woman Crush- Nicole Dymant Ehrman

Priscilla Costa Bridal is best known for women looking for unique and authentic dresses. Hundreds of brides enter through our doors throughout the year, each of them leaving an impact on our growing business. But, Nicole Dymant Ehrman was one of those “one of a kind” brides that left a lasting impact not only on our company but also in our hearts.

Nicole and her husband met at Watkins Glen International raceway in Upstate New York. They were both extremely interested in racing cars, it was ‘met to be at first sight’ situation. The vision worked out just as anyone thought it could have when they ended up sharing vows to spend the rest of their lives together at the Peak Lodge at Killington mountain in Vermont on October 3rd, 2015.

As a little girl, I was so interested in reading magazines and articles on couple’s engagement stories, weddings, or honey moons-the whole nine yards- so when I had the opportunity to interview Nicole, on what I was so in love with reading for years, it was an absolute pleasure to hear her side of the fairy tale ending every little girl is dreaming of.

I wanted to get the background of questions that I always thought of when reading these articles.

I first asked asked why she came to an atelier instead of a wholesale retailer. Nicole responded with, “I am a Graphic Designer so I loved the idea of designing my own wedding dress. I also wanted to explore the option of turning my Mom’s wedding dress from the 80s into something that would fit my vision so I brought that to our first meeting. I wanted some kind of colorful element for the “Modern twist” and that was very difficult to find. I even went to Kleinfeld and couldn’t find what I wanted!”

She also included many benefits that she felt contributed to the highlight of her experience.

“It was such a fun experience. My Mom and I would meet Priscilla about once a month and with every meeting I could see my dress come together a little bit more. We were always so excited to see the new developments. Then, we would get dinner afterward so it was pretty great mother-daughter bonding time! Besides how much fun it was, I was able to get my completely one-of-a-kind dream dress with the bonus of it being way more affordable than buying a new one from a bridal shop.”

As she describing her mothers wedding dress and the “modern twist” I elaborated with that question by asking what inspired her.

“Having the wedding in Vermont, I was going for a “vintage woodland with a modern twist” theme so I really wanted a flowy dress with some intricate detailing.”

Just like that she came across Priscilla and ended bringing in a “sketch up of her perfect dress”.

Nicole's own personal sketch

Nicole’s own personal sketch

“I tried on a lot of dresses to figure out what styles I liked and I used Pinterest to find lots of dress details that I loved but I couldn’t find one dress that had everything.”

There is so much collaboration, style, and inspiration when it comes to weddings, but that is what makes it so beautiful, the possibility of millions of weddings being slightly altered to the bride and grooms lives.

Nicole’s dress was absolutely breathtaking. The unique part was that there was an amethyst layer, that was dip dyed by Priscilla, showing through underneath. It added elegance and the ‘modern twist’ that she wanted.

“Priscilla found this floral lace with pearl clusters and created an amazing creeping vine look that captured my vision perfectly.”

Photograph by Jeff Woodward, www.jeffwoodwardphotography.com

Photograph by Jeff Woodward www.jeffwoodwardphotography.com

“Everyone loved the dress. We did a “first reveal” so I could capture my husband’s reaction and I’m so glad we did because I love those photos. I got so many compliments on the dress, it made me feel like a total princess! Some people thought it was actually vintage which I think just goes to show how talented Priscilla is to be able to make a new dress look so classic. “

Priscilla had even more of an opportunity to show how talented she is when it came down to as little as Nicole’s accessories.

“For the actual ceremony, Priscilla reworked my Mom’s wedding veil and it matched my dress amazingly well for being a completely different tulle! We had decided against using her old wedding dress so this was the perfect way to incorporate something from my parent’s wedding. Also, I really wanted a dress with a low back because I thought it looked so elegant. So I was mainly looking for that while shopping for dresses at Kleinfeld in New York. When I was wearing one of the dresses, my bridesmaid and sister-in-law Katie found this long necklace with floating pearls and made a quick back necklace out of it, it looked so fabulous with the low back that I couldn’t get it out of my head so I had to get one for the wedding. I also decided last-minute to wear a deep purple velvet jacket just because it ended up being about 30 degrees at the top of the mountain. And to go with the design-it-yourself theme I had going, I designed my own metallic chunky heel shoes to match the dress (from Shoes of Prey).”

Our girl boss has done it once again, ladies and gentlemen.

“Priscilla was so accommodating! If I had slight changes or new ideas during the process, she would always listen to them. I was so picky about the purple coloring on the dress and she did little test dyes for me to choose from so it was just right. Also, I loved using Pinterest to create a shared board for my dress.”

Many days of hard work, tears of happiness and ten fittings- to be exact- later, the dress was shown off at the top of Killington mountain in Vermont for, literally, the whole world to see.

“My favorite part might be the process itself, it was so fun designing my dress and seeing Priscilla’s sketches. I loved when Priscilla gave me fabric and lace options and I got to choose which one. Just seeing the dress come together through the year and turn into exactly what I wanted was a thrill.”


Thank you Nicole, for being you!


-Taylor Mysza

Summer 2016 Intern